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Ok, I've got a wraith/tamer (that I LOVED playing for a long time) that I pretty much don't touch except for like a peerless here and there. I tamed a najasaraus and played around with "training" that up some. Still just haven't use the character much.. because..

 I geared a sampire up and just went to town with it. Medusa is dead jokingly quick, I joust Stygian Dragon, I decimate about anything I put it to task to.. But..
I have wondered.. is it worth it to just craft 100% life leech weapons to take necromancy totally off the template? There are a few things I see about it that seem "better", I just don't really like shooting the dice with the hammers for reforging the weapons without knowing more about it.

 For one, if I'm in the abyss and one of those mobs that can purge my VE off won't be a bother, and another is healing pots in the odd instance I "bit" off more than I can chew and I need to run off and something drained all my mana away I don't need take my weapon out of hand and drink a potion and fumble around with that til I get frustrated, and I of course get 100 more skill points to invest in something like, another weapon skill like archery or something. That or raise healing up, to help rez guildies that tag along with me on my ghetto hunts so I don't honorably sacrifice myself and get dragon breathed at an inconvenient time.

 I guess what I'm asking is the 100% life leech as effective as VE in keeping me alive as long as I have my weapon of choice in hand? Or is this just a herp-a-derpicle step in the wrong direction?


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    The thing to keep in mind is leech properties are tied to swing speed. 100% leech weapons are the slowest, which gives whatever you're fighting more opportunity to hit you between your swings.
  • Would having SSI on items like jewels help negate this though?
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    yay thanks @cobb .
    I've got some ssi jewels. I also have a ranger's cloak of augmentation on my wraith tamer for some reason.. I assume it was the 3% ssi in the back slot, but there's no telling. I need to do some of that eodon content to get the new "uber" loot stuff, like the head slot and hawkwind's robe.

     So with the right jewels, and that back slot, that's 25% ssi. Yeah.. I see this coming together..
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    If you are talking about pure breed sampire with no healing skills, then 100% life leech is not enough. I have tested it and also done the maths, the amount of life leeched back is not enough. On the other hand, necro life leech can sustain using a weapon without any life leech. I prefer both. 
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    Hmm, would healing or possibly like Mysticism sufficiently supplement the loss of healing via Life Leech @Seth?
    The suit I have on my sampire allows me to cast protection so I can cast without interruption, and that actually is so awesome in busy areas.
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