Endless Journey

Fainx1917Fainx1917 Posts: 6
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Existing NPC (Non peace) Towncrier (rioter) have been removed and respawned at all banks.

Trace媽 (Sacrifice because Court of 天 has transformed from a civilization to a Court)
La天 (Compassion of Lord Jesus who loves the mankind.)
Britain (Justice of Britain be last forever.)
齊喻 (Honesty and faithful to the Lord)
Jevoh (No Honor)
格闌大 (Valor of 伊斯蘭 永久長存)
柏名恆 (Spirituallity heart of all mankind)

The Town Crier (Rioter) claim they have Bible.
and Broadsword everyone for it.

Forcing Ultima Online into endless journey.

May The Lord Your God be blessed always.


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