Some help please...

I have a set of house deeds from before the housing tool. They are locked down in one of my houses. I think there were 13 or something. Anyway, I have one of each.

I would like to sell the set, but I've heard they are difficult to work with and will change to housing tools if not handled correctly.

Can any one of you rares people guide me through how to sell them, and/or let me know how much a set of them is worth?

Thanks in advance.



  • DanpalDanpal Posts: 119
    From what i can remeber. 
    Do not place on vender
    Do not place in bank
    Do not place in pack and log out.
    All three will turn into placement tool by doing any of the above three.

    The price will vary depending on what shard. Last time i have heard of one was 50 million gold on Alt . That was a while ago. Have seen then at 5 mil on Asian shards before.
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