Making Infused Tasty Treats Level of Time & Effort Far Exceeds Other Crafted Infused Items

No other crafted items required for this event has a timer. Tasty treats lasts only 1/2 an hour and requires 10 fish per treat.
Typical night playing is, let's say 2 hours. That's 4 tasty treats, 40 fish. Multiply that times 31 days, that's now a total of 1,240 fish for a month. For 4 weeks of only 2 hours play time a day that's a lot of time spent catching fish. If you can catch 300 fish an hour you're doing well considering all the serpents you fish up.  That's 5 hours minimum of fishing to get enough fish to do the event for 2 hours a day for month. And most players play at least double that time on the weekends. I'm erring on the conservative side I believe.

Compare that to getting bark fragments. I chopped wood to get bark for making spellbooks. In less than 2 hours I got enough spellbooks to give everyone on Baja their own spellbook which lasts the entire event. Some good ones, some not so good but still infused.

I really think infused tasty treats should last, say, 12 hours. I think that's much more reasonable and fair when you're talking about the effort and time going into this. I really don't mind putting the time into this but I would just like to see the effort required to be a bit more fair across the board.


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    Makes them valuable for resale. 
    I tell you the truth, tis better to do 10 damage on the right target than 100 damage on the wrong target.

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    To be fair, there are only about 5 ppl on Baja. So of course it doesn't take long to make spellbooks for them.
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    Please stay topical.
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    2 hours a day... pppft

    LS has made treats, scrappers, bows, instruments for anybody that wants them.


    The treats should last 2 hours.
  • 2 hours? Better!
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    That spawn will take smalls shards hours to complete. And the goal is to kill stuff for drops so people will be there hours at a time.

    30 Min is too short.
  • Yeah, realistically I think based on last year 4 hours in the evenings is more accurate but I haven't even been in the dungeon yet. All I'm asking is that the time and effort to prepare be rewarded pretty much the same for different craftables required.
    I think 4 - 12 hours is reasonable. It's still a lot more work than the other craftables but at least you won't have to spend so much time remaking them so you can play the next day.
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    Reduce the time spent fighting serpents by fishing up shore fish. You don't have to use deep sea fish for this.
  • Good advise as always Petra, I didn't think of that.
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    Yes I just fish in Papau off the shore north and south of the docks.  The only complaint there is catching footwear.  

    People need to use this time to prepare.  Spread the word.
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    I tamed me a goat and keep her on board ship to eat footwear
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  • Poor abused goats of Sosaria...

    *sends a scroll to the RSPCA*
  • Now is the time to fish and stock up. I spent a good 2 hours last night boat fishing near the shore and ended up with a little over 1200 fish steaks. That should keep me going for quite awhile.
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  • Also it takes 40 fish to make a treat not 10 :(
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    ZekeTerra said:
    Also it takes 40 fish to make a treat not 10 :(
    Actually 10 fish is correct. They cut up to make 40 fish steaks.
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