Pavers and Crafted Walls on Castle Roof

Yesterday I built a small platform room on the roof of my custom castle with a seating area to star gaze and have a nice glass of wine after a long day hunting. Friend did the same on the roof of his keep. After server up this morning, PART of the pavers, stairs and blocks were removed and put into the moving crate (see image). If you try to place a wall on the level where you see the hedges, you get a message that you cannot build any higher, which I would expect to be the case if it were a problem with the level you see. Also, if it IS a problem with the level, then I would have thought the whole structure would go into the moving crate. Not pieces of it. @Bleak can you please take a look/explain? If we are not supposed to place on that level, then please fix it so we cannot.
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