Making Infused Spellbooks...only needing 1 infused scroll and the rest regular

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I know this was fixed on test center, unless you intended making a scrappers...only needing 1 infused scroll and 99 this intended? Or something that didn't make it to prodo..just curious as it would be nice to only need 1 scroll to make a scrappers lol, the drop rate for bark fragments, at least for me, is rather low.


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    If someone is crafty enough to figure this, i personally would just let it be (my own personal opinion), the event is only temporary. You still have to do most of the content (crafting in the caddelite camp) obtaining caddelite bark. I would say the larger issue was people being able to mark a rune inside the camp so you don't need to do the quest/wear a badge.
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    This is normal UO.  4 plain thread on a loom, then one color thread and you get a color bolt.  Always been that way.  
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