Classic Book bug

BasaraBasara Posts: 163
My group of friends keep in-game books in a shared house that we list things we need, so that we can check to see if we can help each other out.

Sometime in the last few months, something has happened to where when I open a classic "purple" style book in CC (not yet tested EC or other books), that lines seemed to have disappeared.

Further testing shows that what is happening, is that the bottom lines of the book are being pushed into an invisible section of the page, and that it takes 2 extra return entries to "pop" the missing text back to the top of the next page. If the text, prior to this, wrapped, you end up with missing lines until you insert the two lines at the end of the old page to force the next two lines back out.


Say this paragraph
is the last three lines
of a book page.

What is Expected: If you insert a line above "Say", the third line is supposed to move to the top of the next page.
What actually happens: The bottom line disappears into an invisible 2-line gap. it will stay invisible unless you add 2 additional blank lines/returns after "lines", at which time it pops back into view. If you log out with the book in your pack, the missing lines might completely be lost.

I suspect this might be a client bug of some sort. It only appeared in the last few months.
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