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I have been out of UO for a long time now. Popping back in every once in awhile, but never could find the fun that I used to have back in the 90's, I think a lot of that has to do with the fact I know no one in the game anymore. 
So I am looking for a guild on Atlantic that is active and uses stuff like Discord to communicate, hopefully most everyone has upgraded over the years and moved away from ICQ.  :D


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    UWF is always here!
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    UWF (United We Fight) is a good Guild if you like Trammel Based guilds. I joined but I left when my accounts lapsed, Now I'm back and thinking of asking to join again..

    HOT Guild is one for the PVP, VvV, or that type. They are very helpful as well. will backup any guildmate if they need help.

    and a new one called BONK, they started around November of 2017, for returning players and have been growing ever since.  I almost joined them..

    Good Luck. Any of the guilds always have players on that can help you get into the guild.  UWF especially.

    Cherry Gumdrop, Rainbow Dawn, and Bubblegum welcome you back to Atlantic. and hope to see you in game.


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    If you hang out around ATL Gen chat long enough, you will hear the never-ending saga of H0T, BONK, F8, and Hi5 slugging it out for domination in the who's-who of immortal ATL realm PVP Kingdom Drama.  The stage?  Felucca Despise anytime, anyday.  It is covered in the blood of the not-so-innocent.

    It's fast paced, exciting, and full of trash-talk.

    And gets old. lol
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  • I don’t play as much as I’d like to between work and kids but would love to join up with some helpful people I’ll begin trying to message guilds in game tonight and tomorrow.
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