I have one inactive account (five months) cannot get it to go EJ

I was in the understanding that your account had to be 120 days inactive before it could go EJ, this account has been inactive five months, every time I try to log in on it I get this.

The account is linked to my master account yet I am told it is not??  Now when I first brought it back as EJ I had the problem with the Bank as the characters had to much in the bank and my grandson could not do anything when he was trying to play, so we paid for one month on the account to empty the banks, once the thirty days were over the account was closed.  Now my question what do I need to do to get the account into EJ status, it is still my account, it is still linked to my master account and I am the only one with the current password on it.  Should I ask for a support ticket in the master account?


  • MariahMariah Posts: 506Moderator
    Can I respectfully suggest you re-check your dates. Endless journey was launched April 5th https://uo.com/2018/04/05/endless-journey-is-here/ There was a short period after that for all accounts to be processed.

    It is just over 5 months since that launch, if you paid for one month, then the account has not been closed for 5 months?

    If you intend to submit a support ticket, more accurate timings may be required.

  • Apr 5th/6th the account was EJ, a problem with the bank system brought a 30day code about a week later clean the account banks out, closed the account before the 30 day ran out, so there May, June, July, Aug, Sept the account been closed
  • I had one account that was shut off in February but it didn't go EJ until the end of August. The 120 days doesn't always work on every account
  • Well I wait till the end of the month and try again
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