Customizing my 18x18 on ATL crashes my game

Just tried to customize my 18x18 on ATL & it crashes my game. Anyone else have a prob on ATL with customizing this morning? 
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  • It's a problem on more than just Atlantic.  I redid my house on Atlantic this week and just finished a house on Oceania this morning.  Here are a few things that I've found might help get you through the process.  You'll still crash a lot, but maybe not quite so often:

    • Go slow when entering the customization menu and once in, when choosing which level you want to work on.  Don't click on a house level or any other option in the customization tool until you actually see the label for that option show up when your pointer is over it.  
    • Use the backup option frequently.  Use the commit option fairly often too.
    • Make sure your character is not riding a mount.  You may not be able to even get into customization mode if your character is riding on a blue beetle.
    • Staircases will appear chopped off.  Roof tiles won't show above roof placement level 3.  You just have to work blindly on roof tiles on roof placement levels 4-6 and commit frequently if you lose track of what you've done.
  • Oh wow!  Thanks!
    Safari / Chianti of Catskills

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    i had this problem on europa while doing a friends house it was because a stealther found it funny to walk around putting camp fires around it that made me keep "camping out,"  crashing had to get a gm in the end as they some how ended up on the roof of a private house each time i was kicked which i was unable to pick up or click on
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    Is this a known issue that's being worked on? It's completely unplayable for me, almost every time I go in to customise I crash, if I survive the initial load on I then randomly crash after a few minutes of building. 

    Trying to build a new guild building and its completely impossible. 

    CC on Europa. 
  • BleakBleak Posts: 143Dev
    This will be resolved with the next client patch.
  • I also found that if you want to walk, don't have the target up, don't have anything in your hand. That seemed to make the biggest difference to me and some others noted it as well.

  • ParkPark Posts: 4
    Bleak said:
    This will be resolved with the next client patch.
    Thanks Bleak. Is there an eta on that? 
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