New Castle and Keep House plans

Plans are needed to let the new and old players who didn't go to Test and view the new choices...

It would be nice to see a floor by floor layout plan on the wiki of the new buildings so those of us can see the choices and make a proper decision.

I also been hearing that 2 of the Castles on the new menu are switched Oceania choice gives the Spiral and vice versa the Spiral gives the Oceania pick.  


I do hope we can add a few more as the few I did see were not my cup of tea... 


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    The two that were switched, have been corrected. I think? Don't have a house placement tool on the live shards to test if is fixed there.

     My castle 'The Spires' is still on Test Centre as are the others so you can go to the stone at britain commons and go and walk around them. 

    As for floor plans, this is mine.  Bear in mind that it is purposely designed so you can do your own internal layout on each floor. If you don't want grass go over it with stone tile.  If you don't want the small outer walkways just deco over with plants or hedges.  You can also add whatever walls/structures to the roof of your choice or just use it for garden beds, whatever floats your boat. 

    There are no teleporters although each of the small turrets has been designed so you can put a 'vet' set or 'store bought' set inside to take you to whatever floor you chose both in the main body of the castle or onto the timber decks.  If you don't like timber decks go over it with tile, goza, grass tiles etc.  The decks were put on to stop it looking like a box, although there is very very little wasted floor space.  You could if you wanted craft stone arches/supports and put floors down if you really wanted but given the huge amount of floor space it probably wouldn't be necessary.

    There is only the one set of stairs that lead you upward. The ground floor main stair you can deco on either side if you like and still have a double wide to walk up, the rest are double wides so again you can deco up the edge if you desire. If you want to section it off into a formal stairwell with walls and doors leading off that is up to you.  You will find that everything 'lines up' where logical points would be to put walls. 

    Vendor spots are on the front porch, the front on the second floor, the roof, or you can put them on the east side decks if you so choose. 

    The layout is super simple so that you can leave it as is for stand alone or add your own layout internally. 

    Ground Floor

    Second floor - and yes the corner missing from those stairs in on purpose so you can wall or door across without leaving a gap.

    Third Floor


    Life would be much easier if there was a 'half wall' like on existing castles,  in that tile set but there isn't.  I didn't want to mix and match materials too much as it is near impossible to find something that everyone likes so less is more in my view.  You also need to remember that you are not gonna see the 'whole' castle as in the pic as even in zoom on the EC you only see parts of it on the outside so not all at once like this view gives you.  Anyways, if and when I make it real and do deco it will be a whole different thing.

    Cheers MissE

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  • Fantastic   and thank you for the floor pics  this would help all in selecting.
  • I do have a question   cant they have tp's?
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    tps?   as in teleport pads?   You probably can, I didn't as I believe where people wanna put a teleport is really up to them and how they use their rooms or set them up.  What I need in my castle is not necessarily what other people will need.  We have the ability to purchase those in the store or get them as vet rewards.  Not really a need to pre-design them in.  You know darn well the minute you put one on x floor to go to y floor or from one area to another, someone will say 'oh well I wish the one that is placed here went there, rather than the way it is'   Cause that person had a different requirement.

    Cheers MissE

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