Are both NPC item takers going to be on Live shards?

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Are you not removing the Sorcerers Dungeon NPC?

I read the notes and it says both will be gone in a year.  So those are the both?

So you can turn in new drops to the Sorc NPC to get old items?  

People not happy you making the points start over next year.  What if you are one point short of an item and it closes...   I was in Sorc the two times it ended.

I prefer the points rolling over since I have time to do the events. But not a big deal.  The books are good.

The useless mask is a big deal.  Can you monitor how many players actually use it?  A lot of players would be able to PvP if the mask stayed at 50.  They could use rings without EP.  The EP legendaries are too expensive for casual players.  Just because the "Elite" cant adapt to changes they do not want their place to change so you let them die a slow death in Fel. The mask would bring players into Fel.  There are players there who do not want more there to compete with.  Those are not the player that get their way if you want the game to grow.  


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    If you have points/artifacts "of Enchanted Origin" you will continue to be able to redeem/turn them in for rewards from last year's iteration of Treasures of Halloween.

    In order to redeem artifacts and rewards from the "Of the Cult" vendor you will need to collect artifacts and turn them in from Khaldun.

    Being able to collect all/some of the rewards prior to the event even going live (which is what happened last year) resulted in a situation where we either had to raise points or prevent the roll over.  I'll direct you to the publish wiki on the rationale for why we chose to not increase points.

    To compensate for the change we have also extended the Treasures of Halloween content through November, providing 2 months to allot time for participating in the Treasures of Halloween content (which given feedback during play sessions was quite a breath of fresh air between getting new crafted gear all the way through clomping mobs), trick or treating, jack o' lanterns, forum posting, and the day to day activities that excite each of us in Britannia.
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