Converting Castles/Keep Question (unable to test)

VioletViolet Posts: 355
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I wanted to test this on TC, but 1 transfer a day per account x 2 m gold, it would still take me a while.

When you convert your castle or keep, I would assume you cannot convert it back?

After the conversion is the menu option to convert removed? If it isn't, do you have to pay the full cost to change to a different design?

If you convert then redeed the castle, are you refunded the money?


  • Petra_FydePetra_Fyde Posts: 1,074
    Violet.  I just put every last gp I had on Europa into a char transfer account and then copied the char to test center (then put it all back) The gold is now on test center. It's not enough to convert a castle, but it is enough (just) for a keep. If you can meet me on test center in the next half hour I'll give this gold to you.  Perhaps if you, or someone else, can do something similar we can gather enough between us for you to do this testing.
  • This is just a guess Violet, but I bet that every time you convert, you have to pay the conversion fee.

    I also suspect that when you take down a converted castle, you are refunded the cost of the base castle plot, but not the conversion fee.

    If this is actually working as a gold sink.

    If you get refunded the conversion fee, than that isn't a gold sink at all, as the gold wouldn't be removed from the economy.

    I would transfer and help, but I'm in almost the same boat you are gold wise. If Petra has enough for a keep conversion, she's got me beat by like 10x.

    Is there a "luxury tax" on a converted castle/keep when you transfer ownership?

  • Petra_FydePetra_Fyde Posts: 1,074
    I've been playing non-stop since late 2k and I don't spend much - on the other hand, nor do I do 'rares'. All my chars' kit is either crafted, gained in guild hunts or looted from treasure chests. I don't buy armour, so the gold has just accumulated a bit. - I'm still a long way from ever seeing platinum though :D
  • VioletViolet Posts: 355
    Thank you for the offer Petra, I totally didn't think about the ability to transfer gold to tc.  I had to go to work, but a guildie was able to get some money over there.

    To answer one of the questions, you Are still able to access the convert menu but apparently there is a 24 hour cooldown to use it, so he was unable to test it further today.   Stay tuned for tomorrow!
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