Replacement of Historical Society Buildings Question for Dev Team

If we replace the current structure with one of the new castles or keeps will that disqualify the structure as it's no longer a more than 10 year old building?


  • Does anyone know if the age of the house changes when it's replaced with a new structure?
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    I used the resize function to move one of my castles and it changed the date.
  • Thanks Bilbo!
  • Resize counts as a demolish - converting a classic house to a customizable doesn't change the date. Since converting your castle puts things in the moving crate (or will when they've sold the bug) I'd say this is not a 'resize' and the date should stay - but that's only my theory.
  • Thanks Petra. I'm of a mind that if I did change to one of the newer structures it should get disqualified as the structure that was awarded the banner is no longer there.

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    TY Petra.  Does the date change when you convert a Classic House to a Custom House.
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    no, there are several houses that have been customized yet still qualified for the historical houses banner, including mine on Europa that was originally a large tower.
    You can see here the build date lists as 2001-10-05
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    TY  Is there a link to the rules
  • Not that I've been able to find.
    The only thing I know is from direct experience. During the account fiasco some years ago, Pete had a bannered structure on GL that fell unbeknownst to us. Someone placed a new structure in the spot where the banner was and eventually the banner was removed.I know this isn't the same thing but I'd rather know what the skippy is before hand rather than after the fact.
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    TY Amber
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    @Mariah do you have a link to the historical house rules
  • I'm sorry, the page I linked you to is old, none of those pages has been updated since I resigned from Stratics staff in October 2014. I'm not sure what the status of that program is now, to the best of my knowledge all Stratics involvement stopped when I left. The banners were all placed by Mesanna in her spare time. She doesn't have very much of that so it could take some considerable time for banners to appear. The rules, as they were when the program was started were simply that the house had to be 10 years old. There used to be a form to fill in, information required was:
    Coordinates: (at the house sign)
    Name: (of the house)
    Date: (from the house sign menu)

    That used to come to me, I would record the house on those pages and then forward the information to Mesanna. I suppose now it would simply go directly to
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    I have no information other than that contained in the notes of publish 92

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