Issues with the winning house designs

VioletViolet Posts: 355
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Were these houses QA? 

Will there actually be a solid floor there or will people wanting to use this design have to make it so they can access the second floor on their own as the stairs consist of player crafted tile with nothing but a hole underneath. 

The winning Keep, if you are using the enhanced client and go down the stairs you run right out of the window.
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  • MissEMissE Posts: 774
    @Kyronix ; thanks for whoever picked my castle to be one of the selected, there is however a problem with the house placing tool.  If you select my design 'The Spires' you get Don's design = Castle of Oceania, and vice versa.  Can you please correct this? 

    Cheers MissE

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  • jaytinjaytin Posts: 417
    @Violet why are you even surprised? This is exactly what we've come to expect.  :(
  • KyronixKyronix Posts: 970Dev
    The issue related to the mismatched names @MissE has been resolved.

    The issue with the pavers has been resolved in the final multi, where the floor has been filled in. @Violet
  • VioletViolet Posts: 355
    @Kyronix Thank you for the clarification on that.
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