Taking Raghara

The Bloodline of DragonStone belongs to my family, even the little Mistress who rebuilt this family and community here in Ter Mur is my family. Still no word from her, yet people have reported they have seen her, possibly only rumors but each time I run to see. Today I will close up her house and take Raghara the Owl with me. He misses her and he has flown this land of Ter Mur and I am certain if she was in Ter Mur he would have found her, so boarding up the house and taking him to the fortress is whats best for now, he needs cared for and perhaps being on Dagur Island where this all began with Daenyra will bring some light to the owl. Perhaps he will find her and lead us to her. Standing in the doorway, of what started as the consulate for this land, now her home, sadness over whelms me, if I had just told her when I found out maybe it would have been easier for her to accept.

Arriving at the fortress I can hear the soft coo from under the blanket covering his cage, pulling the cloth from the cage Raghara, lets out a long waited hoot. He seems to have perked up and he knows we have changed environments and climates, ruffling his feathers he continues the hoot as it echos down the halls of the Fortress. Deciding the war room with the giant windows that open looking out over the sea is the perfect place for him. Once I feel he has his bearings on where we are I will release him for a flight over the island, and maybe he will bring back something to lead us to her.

~Jaden Rain
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