skill Alacrity for a week Token is gone in 4 or 5 days

okay here goes. to start with, can I please get someone to answer this question before my time really does run out on this thing. I got like 2 days left on one of them and would like to use them. Heres what is going on. I purchased the journeymans starter pack from uostore and used the accelerated gains token on my gargoyle. then I realized  a lot of my training gear is for non gargoyles so the next day I purchased another starter pack for my elven character on the same account and started her accelerated gains and everything was running smoothe for 4 or 5 days then yesterday the second account I accelerated stopped showing a buff and alas no more accelerated gains. so I've put in tickets and calls to GM's and all the while my REAL time is running out and now my first charecters gains and buff have dissolved as well. so not only did they stop early the did it in the reverse order in which they were used. Could I please get someone to help me on this before my time actually does run out please! and thank you.


  • BilboBilbo Posts: 1,758
    Is that a normal week (7 days) or a normal work day week (4-5) days.  I wouldn't put it past UO to do a work week.
  • BruceBruce Posts: 14
    I got one when they came out earlier this year, and the token lasted 7 days for me. Having two running at the same time probably caused them to error out. I hope the GMs were able to fix it for you!
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