Wall Map of Eodon Recipe

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I apologize in advance if this has been asked already...does the Cartographer have to do the quest in order to learn the recipe to learn the Wall Map of Eodon Recipe? I have gotten it on my one char and given it to my Cartographer but when I go to make the map, it says I do not know the recipe. HELP!! lol 

Thanks in advance!! :)

Lady Sparkles of Napa Valley


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    Did you double click the recipe to read it?
  • Yes I did. And it showed that she learned the recipe. But when I went to make the map, it said I did not know the recipe. It was just a waste of the recipe :( 

    Should she have done the quest or do I need to call a GM?

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    if it showed she'd learned it, then she should be able to make it. Does the cartography menu show she's read it when you go to the page with the skill requirement?
    Do you have the special ingredient from the Brittannia camp?
  • It says I do not know the recipe, but if I try to use another recipe, it says I know the recipe already! LOL what a mess! 
  • I put in a call for a GM but I don't always get a response so lets hope I do this time. I have tried everything for weeks to solve this and just can't. :( This is my final attempt! LOL Thank you for your help, I greatly appreciate it!! :)

    Lady Sparkles of Napa Valley

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