Possible memory leak since mid/late August publishes (Classic Client)

BasaraBasara Posts: 163
Several times in the last two weeks, I have encountered issues where the UO Classic Client tells me that I don't have enough free memory to run the client.

 I've now had it happen on 3 different days in that period when starting only one instance of the CC, for typical play, where you couldn't get it past the "not enough memory" box. The only fix was to reboot the computer. In one of the cases, I had a memory-related client crash, and had to hope my character survived long enough to restart the computer.
It also can happen much sooner if trying to run 2 CC instances to trade items between my own accounts, but I can usually play for another hour or two on the one active client before the CC will fail to restart in a single instance after closing it out. I ended up having to use two computers to pass stuff between characters one day, while I was making a 4-day trip to 3 other shards to pick up untraded gifts from 2012-2017 - and another day, the EC still worked as a second client on the same computer, when the CC gave a memory warning, so I was able to complete the transfer using one machine, but the clients were both laggier than usual for running both at the same time

The only commonalities between those single-client failure instances is that I'd ran the client (and closed it) several times in a 24-48 hour period on a computer that normally is only shut down or restarted for storms, Windows updates requiring restart, etc.

The computer in question is a 32-bit Windows 10 install with max memory for 32-bit.


  • MervynMervyn Posts: 2,208
    I have to say my classic client hasn’t crashed for months and months. Very stable at the moment. 
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  • PawainPawain Posts: 9,174
    I crash very often when running to somewhere in the Abyss.  It is so frequent that someone follows me to invis me when my toon stops.

    That one account just closes while the others stay on. I yell in chat on another account that I crashed.

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