Atlantic High End Rares For Sale

I have the following for sale on Atlantic. All prices are listed as my Buyout no haggle price. Yes, the prices are high but it is what I would sell for immediately. Feel free to make me an offer on any of them and I will consider it. I will also consider trades for other High end and Server Birth Rares. I will be adding more as I dig through my chests. PM or ICQ me 568300481

1. Two Story Statue Facing South 1.35 Plat
2. Two Story Statue Facing South 1.35 Plat
SOLD! 3. Two Part Scaffold 1.35 Plat
4. Full Phoenix Armor Set (Gorget has been dyed) 1.5 Plat
5. Ricardo's Resplendent Roof (Hat from Ricardo shard wide Arc) 375 Mil
6. Blessed Knight Of The Luna Guard Tunic 400 Mil
7. Bennu and Blackthorn Bookcase Set 575 Mil
8. Server Birth Large Painting 2.5 Plat
9. Single Empty Jar 1.25 Plat
10. SA Server Birth Lava Tile 185 Mil
11. Rubble Fire Pit and Fire 1.85 Plat (Will not split them up)
ICQ 568300481


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