Non Bardable??

it seems to me most everything in there is non bardable..... this makes me sad :(


  • cobbcobb Posts: 163
    I hope that is not working as intended. I don't see why bards should be excluded from new content
  • everyone hates bards because we are extra sexy :) i had my crafter make lute from caddellite wood if that makes a difference
  • @Kyronix @Bleak please say this is not as intended :(
  • PawainPawain Posts: 2,717
    Especially since it says you need to make infused instruments.  

  • i made a lute with infused wood

  • PawainPawain Posts: 2,717
    Exactly.  They intended barding to work.  
  • I was able to craft lute that was Caddellite infused  ( I think issue was i made it straight from logs without turning into boards first ??) i was able to peace and disco Mobs still not provo Despair works on normal mobs nothing affected the generals peace disco or provo despair did not work on them either 
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