Lake Austin Hosting 100th UO Publish Celebration on Saturday, September 8th!

Hi everyone!

I want to announce that Lake Austin is hosting a special event to celebrate the 100th Publish of UO on Saturday, September 8th, from 10:00 am USC (GMT -6) until 7:00 pm USC. At 7:00 pm we adjourn for players to attend East Coast Shard EM Events, and then return to LA at 8:00 pm USC for the LA EM Event that evening! 

Many of the events will take place at the LA-unique Fairgrounds created for us in Malas, including a dunk tank recently gifted to us by Mesanna. (Thanks Mesanna!) Booths with player's goods and services will be available there all during the day. Gating will be provided from Luna and West Brit Banks for the locations of the various events and the LA Fairgrounds, while free runes to the LA Fairgrounds are available at the Veritas Inn vendors, 2nd house SE of Luna's East Gate, and home of the "LA Informer" shard newspaper.

We hope that players from all shards will attend our event! Our new dunk tank will take center stage at noon USC that day, but here is the full list of events and their coordinators below. If anyone would like to volunteer to help staff the event that day, provide further prizes and door prizes, take an event to sponsor off my hands(!), or add a booth from you and/or your guild at the fairgrounds or elsewhere, please contact El of LA, Tamais, or Basara in-game on LA, or here at Stratics! 

Here is this list of events:
100th Publish Event Schedule​

Saturday, September 8th, 2018, 10 am USC - 7 pm USC (7pm EM Events/8pm EM Event LA)
Gating to all events & LA Fairgrounds base from West Brit Bank & Luna Bank available.
Runes to the LA Fairgrounds can be obtained for free from Veritas Inn vendors (2nd house SE of Luna's East Gate.)

10:00 am: naked, drunken dungeon crawl in Hythloth. Coordinator = El

11:00 am: Net Toss, castle, Buccs Den, Coordinator: Basara & Karl's Jr (Lydia Rumtongue)

12:00 noon: Dunk Tank, Thanks Mesanna! Location - LA Fairgrouds, NE corner. Coordinator: El

1:00 pm: Yew Ranger Hunt for Trophies (see Skara Brae Ranger House for leaders). Coordinator: Tamais, Governor of Yew.

2:00 pm: Bagball Games @ Bagball Arena outside of Luna (South side), Coordinator: El

3:00 pm: Jousting Tournament @ LA Fairgrounds, Malas, Coordinator: El

4:00 pm: Archery Tournament @ LA Fairgrounds, Malas, Coordinator: El

5:00 pm: Boat Races, Location: ??, Coordinator: Tamais

6:00 pm: Drunken, Naked Race around Luna's outside. Coordinator: El

6:30 pm: Reception @ LA Fairgrounds with Door Prizes. Mesanna/EM Topaz/PEC Raine are 
invited. Coordinators: Basara & El

Door Prizes contributed by many LA shard players:
  • Prophecy (numerous door prizes),
  • Crispy (door prizes),
  • Basara (net toss, door prizes),
  • Lydia Rumtongue (net toss),
  • Gwynn (horn of plenty),
  • Da Kine (2 Scrappers Compendiums),
  • Tamais (boat races, hunters trophies prizes)
  • El (event prizes,door prizes),
We hope you will attend! Bring a friend! Celebrate the marvelous and first ever achievement of 100 publishes and 21 years of Ultima Online!

-- El of LA
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