Fishing tournament for the month of September

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Greetings everyone, I hope you are all enjoying the Fishing tournaments each month.  Well this month let’s travel down into a dark dungeon and do some fishing.  We are after the elusive Fire Fish this month which can be found in both Trammel and Felucca down in Dungeon Shame.  No new rule changes this month, same rules as last month.  Will take 2 submissions all month long and I will use your heaviest catch.  Tournament lasts from September 1st till the 30th.  When you are ready to turn one in visit the Britain Meeting House and drop it in any of the mailboxes outside. For catching the heaviest Fire Fish you will have your fish mounted and hung up for bragging rights. Good Luck Everyone!


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    Get your fish in for the month of September.  I will be announcing the winner soon.....
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    Greetings everyone - I would like to thank all those who participated in September's Fishing Contest.  The winner for the heaviest fish was caught by Persephone, weighing in at 199 stones.  Special thanks to all the contestants - Robert, Lady Samantha, Peg-Leg Sally, Enyza Belle, MaryJwana, InuYasha, Frieda Harris, Bobo Atlantic, SwedishChef and Persephone.  Good Luck in October!

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