Taming needed skill to train pets and mastery quest bugged?

I have a tamer with 100 animal taming and 104 animal lore. Time of legends expantion.
Just got back into the game and i am unable to train my pet ( a lesser Hyriu 1slot) . It gives me the message that i dont have the skill to train it.
I searched for the information about how much taming/lore do i need to train my pets and i havent found it anywere. Using my animal lore on this pet says its needed 99 to control it.
I cant get the mastery quest bcs the NPC tells me i am busy with other tasks at this time, even if i cleared the stablemaster quest (since i cant accomplishe).
I bought a book of mastery and a taming prime but when i clic at the taming mastery skill i get the message that i am not on the right path to use that skill.
Can someone help me?
I want to be able to train my pets and use mastery.


  • Double click on the Taming Primer to consume it on that character. Then click on the Mastery Book, choose "Switch Mastery", and select the Taming Mastery (You have to switch Mastery from the Mastery book's context menu, so left click or shift-right click depending on your key bindings). This should activate the Taming Mastery on that character. (Make sure the Mastery Book has 45 spells. Some older books evidently still have only 6 spells and don't work correctly.)

    The NPC is probably telling you that you are busy with other tasks because you already have a quest running. This would be a classic quest, not one recorded in your Quest Journal. Open your character's context menu (again, left click, or shift-right click on your character) and select "Quest" from the context menu to see what the classic quest is, (or to cancel it).

  • Great. Tx for this.
    I got now the mastery working.
    Now i only need to find out about the skill needed to train the pets.
    I dont know if i will have to buy a PS and raise my taming or if i will tame a newbie pet to see if i can train him. lols.
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