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Hi all, 

I am getting back into the game more again and want to move one of the accounts homes I have..  I have not done anything like this and am wondering if there is a good way to do this without losing anything, without spending a month play time to do it, and if you can give me any good pointers and suggestions.


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  • McDougleMcDougle Posts: 3,742
    Pack everything up on characters and packies/beetles drop the house go to new spot place unpack...
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  • BilboBilbo Posts: 2,834
    Keep your current spot, go out and find your new spot and place your new house and mark a rune.  If you have teleport tiles moving is easy, Pack up 5 packies and yourself and step on pad and end up at new house, unpack packies and self.  Rinse and repeat.  If you do not have house teleport tiles then you will need to use Gate Travel this is assuming you are planning on staying on the same shard.
  • LadinorLadinor Posts: 5
    Ok thanks to both.. I don't have teleport tiles and my characters are Paladins.. LOL so I will have to use gates..  But thanks.. I have the time to do it!

    With all the changes I am seeing in game now, that means we cannot have more than one house still per shard though...  Which I kinda would love to have been changed to two per.. but no matter, one is doable...

    Thanks again

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  • BilboBilbo Posts: 2,834
    That is ONE house per Account on production shards and a house on SP.  IT IS NOT one per shard.
  • GidgeGidge Posts: 426
    One this I suggest is to make sure no container has more than 124 items and does not weight over 1600 stones. That is the max for putting on a pack horse. (pack llama is 1200) For me a beetle is best so if you lose connection, you are on it (sometimes) at the very least if you happen to lose connection and... of course try to PULL or LIFT the container after you lock it down. Some items won't go on pack animal, the new craftable walls and floors and certain deco tiles like grass, I think snow? and the "tile" tiles.
  • Beware that as soon as you place another house, your first house will be condemned and all the security settings will be deleted. 

    This means that if you were going to use a character on a second account that happens to have bonded pets and can more easily transport things to the new house, you will have to give that character access to the condemned house. 

    About 10 minutes later, you'll have to give that character access again.  And 10 minutes later, and 10 minutes after that, ad nauseum until you're finished moving.  (You could just make the house public and avoid the access routine, but then you might have a thief walk in and steal stuff when you unlock it.)

    Any characters on other accounts that were logged out in the condemned house will automatically be ejected when they log in again, so be prepared to gate them to the new house or hand them runes, as they won't be able to recall/SJ off a rune for the new house that you lock down in the condemned house unless you give them access again (which only lasts for 10 minutes, more or less).
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