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I have been playing all weekend. I have played my Paladin, My Bard, My Tamer. I spent all evening last night killing Oni's. Friday night I killed Dragons in Wind and Greater Dragons and Daemons. I have not had a single treasure map drop all weekend? In fact I can say since I came back in July I haven't seen a treasure map.
  I have another post in which I discussed Crystalline Blackrock dropping what is up this stuff is suppose to drop and it just does not???


  • Uriah_HeepUriah_Heep Posts: 915
    RNG hates us nowdays.  
  • cobbcobb Posts: 172
    Miasma drops a lot of treasure maps
  • McDougleMcDougle Posts: 3,742
    I get them a lot killing Hyirus and lessors
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  • CinderellaCinderella Posts: 1,683
    there is a room in doom NW corner of DOOM where you can get lot of maps. the cords for the room right before you go in is  141. 20'N,  68. 24'W 

    I go in there with my tamer & just hide while my pet kills everything. its easier to loot in EC, cause it spawns back pretty quickly. is a good way to get the lower level maps. 
  • MariahMariah Posts: 2,976Moderator
    Remember also that the hag's quest now gives level 5 and 6 maps.
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