I have a bugged castle plot.

I gave up on this plot and did some others. Im back to it now and wonder if a plot can be corrected or I have to take down the whole castle and place the footprint again. And how much more time do we have? Its the upper floor far back thats has  all sorts of problems. I cant remove walls and doors and floor tiles. Sometimes they are there sometimes not. if i make a floor darker its light again next time i see it. Yes its comitted. I try to get rid of a door that doesnt highlight by placing a wall at the same tile and i have both at the same spot. Wall highlight but not the door, cant get rid of the door.  and with all crashes its hard to know where you are when you get back in. Then i looked out the window and sometimes the three little windows next to eachother at all lvls sit as they should. Its the right back tower.. and then one row jumps a half tile to the left..I feel astigmatic looking at it.  Any advice?  


  • BilboBilbo Posts: 2,834
    How many plots do you have?
  • Three,  one for each account. This happens to be my fav ting to do in UO even if i do alot of other things.  In game i have only one. and two costumiced. 

  • Im going to just remove this plot , its nothing wrong with the ground so maybe someone else can have fun with it. 
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