DragonStone: Is a guild in the game Ultima Online on the sever Catskill. DragonStone Started as just a few friends who shared some of the same goals in the game , mostly we try to help new and returning players, we collect armor and store it in the guild hall so each member can access it to help others. If you are struggling building a character many of us are more then willing to be there to help, we try to at least do a minor hunt daily but for sure we like to plan a major hunt after each guild meetings on Sunday evening at 8:30 pm est. anyone is allowed to attend and meting hall is next to the Ter Mur / Royal City moongate. Our hunts include a variety of things Shadowguard, Lady Mel, Dreadhorn, Travesty, Exodus, Uniting the Tribes quest, and many many more and many other quests, any we haven't done we want to try to accomplish. At almost every Meeting Daenyra the guild leader will say " Who are we? and, What are we?" The Answer is simple ( We are Dragons and we are Family) As dragons I do not mean literally we play as a Dragon its more a reference to how we are , Mighty like a Dragon yet with Beauty and elegance. DS is a guild of all play styles PVM= we love to hunt, RP= we have members who strictly just RP, we support that , have a tavern night once a month and some RP events sometimes, with this we are also highlighted (war status, and by this I don't mean we are at war with anyone but we can be it is just a means to see those around us who RP) being highlighted we make sure each new member knows we do not just go kill those orange to us, this is a consent option, we also have 2 or 3 players who like to PVP= they help defend us at champ spawns .....We are DragonStone
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