Best music skill for PvM mage?

If your temp only had room for one music skill (Peacemaking, Provocation, Discordance) which one do you think it's the best for PvM purposes and why?



  • GraceGrace Posts: 145
    I would think provocation so you can keep the monsters off of you and you can just cast freely on them. Of course, you want to then hunt mostly in places with multiple monsters. 

    Used a 120 mage, med, eval, resist, music, provo for quite awhile and had fun with it.
  • GidgeGidge Posts: 426
    group hunting, disco seems to be the thing. Help kill things faster.

    solo char: I would go with either provo or peace.

    I love to make things fight then take them down, but there is something nice about peace to get out of tight spots.
    Provo lasts till the creature dies, but peace is just temp.

    I talked myself into suggesting provocation :)
  • AenvarAenvar Posts: 42
    edited August 2018
    Many thanks for the suggestions. I also believe that each skill has its moment to shine, in the end the best solution will be to have them all soulstoned and swap accordingly :smile:
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