Grapes? Yes, Grapes!

I need some help in locating the variety of grape bunch than hang down, point down, not the ones that point off to the side. I've been looking for years now and just can't find them. See photo if you don't understand what I'm saying.

Help a poor old witch out!



  • KronalKronal Posts: 81
    Just a shot in the dark here... but have you tried turning the other ones with the deco tool?  Don't know if it will work but ya never know!
  • jaytinjaytin Posts: 417
    That other one doesn't look like the rest, it's like a totally different thing. The colour is also a bit different. Are you sure it's a grape bunch? Maybe some old rare item? Can grapes be turned or do they spawn in a left and right version? I've never seen any that look like that.
  • ParnocParnoc Posts: 198
    I think the ones that grow on vines are different than the ones you buy, could it be them?
  • AmberWitchAmberWitch Posts: 226
    edited August 2018
    Kronal, I just tried your idea of turning them and no luck. Good idea, I hadn't thought of that.

    Jaytin, both ID exactly the same - Grape Bunch 1 stone.  and I've not a clue if there is a left and right version.

    Hi Parnoc, I hope this finds you well. The grapes that grow on vines, the ones you can buy from a farmer and the grapes from the Ye Old Winery in Yew all have the same genetic defect of hanging to the right. ;)

    Thanks for the responses and trying to help.

    Kind regards.

  • CinderellaCinderella Posts: 1,231
    the grapevines I have, the grapes hang down...
    I'm wondering if its possible its rubble
  • Dot_WarnerDot_Warner Posts: 233
    I think the grapes in question are either a server birth "rare" or an EM-produced event item. 

    Their ID is 3354 and they are right next to the various grapevines in the art files. The other grape facings are elsewhere in the files.
  • AmberWitchAmberWitch Posts: 226
    Thank you so much Dot. Is there a public link to the art files?
  • Dot_WarnerDot_Warner Posts: 233
    They can be viewed in the EC if you have Pinco's installed. You can only see static item art though, mobiles can't be viewed :'(
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