Unique Template - Necro Nox Dexxer Video

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Thoughts on this template.


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    Templates perfect for current Yew Gate fighting. Everything I've been moaning about since the parry patch though, this is it now, the final template solution to that patch. I personally hate the style of PvP, nothing wrong with the template itself just what it means for PvP, no skill nox dexxers running around owning everything thinking they are good.

    Kudos for doing it on Classic Client and beating EC users (and other scripters).

    Massive negative points for the script healing, and environment mods you have going on there. I don't know what you use, or what the names of the programs are, but you don't ever once look at your own health-bar (you don't even have it displayed to see what effects you are under), or action anything to counter any negative effects against yourself, all looks done for you. Same with the Environment squares coloured in. Why massive negative? Because to fight against you, is basically like fighting against a machine, not a person, no fun for me.

    Templates probably not so hot for Dungeon, Spawning or Harry fighting, the reason why the best PvP has had to withdraw to those areas and cannot happen in open running areas such as Gates or VvV.

    On one hand, the PvP is shitty right now - has been since that failed PvP patch (where they "opened" up the templates to this), on the other, that's not your fault, congratulations for still enjoying it, you have a peculiar mindset, but you share that with the few remaining PvPers. :)

  • I always use the full status bar rather than the coloured options. I respond better to numbers than to the sinplified bar. This is the same on every single video I have posted.

    I use the buffs/debuffs bar to monitor for poisons, mortal etc. This is to the right of my status bar. You can look at screenshots that I have posted dating back to 2008 that would have the same health bar and same Buffs/Debuffs bar. This is how I play the game.

    I am flattered you think that I script to heal.
    My macro for bandie self is “5”. You can see what macros I press but what keys come up in the “type bar/speech bar” until it’s full obviously. You can check for the “Bandage Sign” in the buffs bar or the “Apply Bandages” when correlated with the key “5”.

    I am not at my computer but there are plenty of examples that I noticed where I forgot to heal. I can give some specific examples later when I’m back at my PC.
  • Had a quick look on my phone.
    Good example is the second clip vs AJ, Corina and William Tell.

    Watch the buffs bar for the Healing Action “white cross” which will correspond to “5” being typed. 

    I can go into more details about macroes if needed. For example number “3” is my Greater Heal Pot macro. Watch in the video for me getting low. You will often seen 3333333333333 or if I’m waiting for the heal pot to come off cool down I will commonly spam 3. There are many examples of this in the video. If you struggle to find them please let me know and I’ll point you
    in the right direction.

  • Please let me know if I can assist further.
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    I'm not here to have a go at you tbh, I was just commenting on how I see it.

    If you are running it all yourself, grats.

    My disillusion at the current style of PvP stands, but that's not your issue. There is no skill left anymore, no move/counter move, all semi dexxer nox whatever, no decent mageplay anymore.

    For fact, you are using some mod re your fields, if you go that far, my assumption is you are using other stuff. If you can read those numbers on your health-bar, that's pretty amazing, I really never could, and I can read small fine, but they change so fast I cannot track them. I was also under the impression not all debuffs showed on the status bar, so it was dangerous to rely on that, over the health-bar, but maybe I am out of touch? Added to that, you are beating some renowned EC users there who are hell to beat, so either seriously well done, or you are using stuff to beat the "enhanced" client. I do remain sceptical. (But thanks for the polite response anyway, and good luck ingame). :)

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    Personally I like how ppl are getting creative with their templates.
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    build looks very nice. does this have anything for dismount defense?
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    cobb said:
    build looks very nice. does this have anything for dismount defense?

    I am disappointed that you’re allowed to post videos of field hacks and speed hacks being used in official forums. Even stratics didn’t allow it. Sad times.
    But you know what, it doesn’t even bother me anymore that people on CC use speedhack to run same speed as EC. I really empathise with them, I don’t do it myself but I wouldn’t want someone banned for it.

    but yes it’s strong template, killed my necromancer, but not my weaver.

    @Cookie the debuff bar is 100% reliable. 
    I tell you the truth, tis better to do 10 damage on the right target than 100 damage on the wrong target.

    Breaking in the young since 2002
  • My main defense for dismounts is to not get dismounted.

    I normally carry 3 or 4 VvV mounts in my backpack for team fights (I very rarely need to use more than one). And will often just spawn and mount a new one (no Sachs, poison, para vised pet, or when your pet dies). It’s a lot safer and faster to spawn a new mount. In my opinion this is better than 80-120 skill points in Ninja (unless you had other use for those points eg Yumi, Focus Attack for Splinter, Shuriken etc)

    Thirs way is Hoffirific Neast form. Gives +20 HPR (which goes over cap) + overlapped resists, fish fire pie, bandies and curse proof fez, pots, spirit speak, damage eaters can go full tank mode. Just need to be careful with disarm.
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    @Mervyn, thanks for the confirmation re debuff bar, don't know where I got that idea in my head from.

    Re speedhacking, how can you tell he is, and does it even exist to be that effective? As I said, my belief is that he has to be using something, to get the results he is getting. I just don't know what is out there.

    I am not so fussed they allow the video, in fact I prefer they do allow the video, otherwise stuff that has remained buried for so long, and bred resentment just stays buried and results in rumours, half truths and just drives people away in confusion. I'd rather it was out there in the open to discuss properly.

    I will agree, if speedhacking does exist as an effective tool for CC users against EC users, it should now be allowed to bring back the speed differential. As you say, I don't use it, wouldn't even know where to begin, but considering the state of the 2 clients, it should just be made legal now, as a boost for CC. Enhanced Client is only "Enhanced", if you ban anything that makes CC better - this is a pretty dire state of affairs, and is a perfect example of how propaganda works.

  • I have never used a speedhack.

  • Template is:
    Resisting Spells
    Spirit Speak
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    Lot of skills. :)  

    I don't think you've got me yet, you tried to get me at Yew gate the other day, and I just sat and trolled you while guildmates healed me. :D

    Mainly, we won't meet, we play in different terrains, and I hate that current style, in fact, I'm hardly even ingame at the moment.


  • This is definitely not my best template, but it is the template that I enjoy the most.

    I think my Mystic Macer is my best template.
    Then my Scribe Alchemy Archer mage is probably my second best template.
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    I don’t think the solution to having half of the people skip around is to allow the other half to. It looks ridiculous
    I tell you the truth, tis better to do 10 damage on the right target than 100 damage on the wrong target.

    Breaking in the young since 2002
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    True. :/
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    Kid would get trashed bringing that to ATL PvP.  I'd say ATL is about 60% mage, 20% fister, 20% archer/dexer.  Lots of group fights.  I don't understand how anyone dies to a 1 tile dexer.
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