Fishing tournament for the month of August.

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Hey everyone.  Hope you are all having fun with the current fishing tournament.  I am happy to announce the fish for August, which will be the Autumn Dragonfish. This fish can be caught in the waters of Ilshenar.  My favorite spot is the lake north of Spirituality Moongate.  We are changing 1 rule to the fishing contest.  I have received feedback about how many submissions we could turn in and I have decided to try having 2 submissions per fisher and I will take the heaviest of the two.  Other than that same rules apply.  When you are ready, turn one in before August 31st and make sure to drop it in the Britain Moongate House Mailbox.  For catching the heaviest Autumn Dragonfish you will have your fish mounted and hung up for bragging rights.  Happy Fishing.


  • EM RoenickEM Roenick Posts: 118Event Moderator
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    I would like to thank all those who participated in August's fishing tournament.  The
    Winner of the biggest fish was 189 stones belonging to Bobo Atlantic.  And a special thanks
    to all the contestants - Your effors will be noted - Enyza Belle, Old Man Mal, Peg-Leg
    Sally, Smeed, SwedishChef, Crazy Train, Persephone, Bobo Atlantic, Frieda Harris

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