Moving crate missing items after customization

The first house I customized I lost crates and items to the moving crate as well and I never received a help reply or anything other than the general "dont call us we'll call you" email from the bug department.  The first time I lost multiple items, crates, house decos and add-ons (including a newly purchased ship and a ring I had saved from my original account 20 years ago)  I was new, unfamiliar wit the customizing process and believed it must have been something wrong to have lost the items.  Total loss in the first house customizing adventure was maybe a few million.  This newest house customization crate eating incident has cost me over $250 Million! 

I have submitted several tickets, as well as in game help requests adding to the list of missing items.  In all it was 3 full crates and one barrel which contained an elven wash basin.  All items were perfectly stacked, completely organized inside each one and all secured. (I almost took a screen shot "just in case" but thought there was NO WAY that could happen to me again!)

I don't want to unpack anything or lock anything down as the lock down count on my house sign still shows the original 11 containers. I only got back 7 chests, all locked down in the middle of the empty house. I lost ALL armor and have no ammo either, (cant play even if I wanted to!)   I waited from 11 pm CST last night until 2am CST for the GM to reply, there was no reply.  There were no messages this morning and have currently been standing still in my empty new house since 730 am CST, waiting.  If the items can not be recovered just tell me so I do not continue to invest my time and money in a game that eats my resources.   (Change in game notice to "days" instead of "minutes" regarding wait time).   Please help resolve this issue and recover my items. 

Items confirmed swallowed by house customizing moving crate (so far):
Chest 1: Armour, Clothing, Quivers, Dye tub, 2 sets of armor (in bags) worth hundreds of millions alone) as well as 3 mannequins.
Chest 2: Tens of thousands (maybe more!) in ammo commodity deeds. There was also some physical arrows and bolts with the deeds. Had just spent a few million stocking up on commodity deeds for bolts and arrows.  There was also a box full of power scrolls (at least a dozen) that were with the arrows or the regs.
Chest 2 or 3:  Tens of thousands of regs were both in physical form and commodity deeds were also in one of the chests.  There were approx 5000-8000 of each reg.  There was also a box with some unique house add-on items in it such as my aquarium that is in either chest 2 or 3.
1 Barrel:  Contained an elven wash basin.  The basin had all of my aquarium and parrot supplies.  




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