Royal City Open Market

POSTED : Throughout Britannia (CATSKILLS)

OPEN MARKET in the Royal City of Ter Mur

Open space for crafters


Crafters wanted for many craftables

Furniture, Clothing, Armor, Weapons, Potions, Scrolls, Housewares, even the Oddity's are welcome, bring those home made ale's and whiskey's

Picnic during the Market Time

(Get to know the Gargoyles)

OCC: Starting in August , DragonStone will attempt an open market within the Royal City of Ter Mur at the market place just south west of the entrance to the Gargoyle Palace with Tavern Night DraggonStone Hall commons room, second floor of the Hall. ( Trial Run at this Tuesday July 31 at 8 pm est ) DragonStone has a couple of Gargoyle Craftsmen (and humans are welcome to sell wares) anyone interested in being part of the market please contact Daenyra or Jaden Rain @ icq # 339303759 . Watch for details.

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