The Kidnapping - Thursday July 19th 9PM EDT

EM RoenickEM Roenick Posts: 118Event Moderator
To the meddling Maxwell and his annoying friends, I know you and Pagan have joined forces in search for this hidden treasure cave.  I have the final piece you need to locate this cave, and have taken Tahani the Governor of Yew with me.  I want what my brother (Billy the Butcher) couldn’t get and that’s the Map that Slim has bestowed upon you.  You can’t stop me!!

Maxwell is asking for your help…  He has received a letter from Johnny the Cruel and is in need of tracking him down and freeing the Governor of Yew.  He holds in his possession an Enchanted Sextant that we need to recover so we can use in tracking down the sought after Treasure Cave.  Will you help Maxwell take down Johnny and return the Governor?

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