EC /Emote & /Whisper

LargeLarge Posts: 14
basically /Emote yawns makes a /say colour come up *yawns* (which is yellow) /emote should not be the same colour as /say (chatting normally) should be different colour so people know its an emote. and lastly the /whisper does not work at all it reports 'unknown command'.
All in enhanced client.


  • DJAdDJAd Posts: 288
    You can select the colours to whatever you want them to be. I don't know if these show for other plays or just the person "doing" the emote.
  • DJAdDJAd Posts: 288
    Also is it just me but when I grab the icons for "bow" and "salute" from the actions menu and add them to my hotbar and click them they both give the same animation.
  • LargeLarge Posts: 14
    Well i would like to be able to use /whisper. in this case it should only be heard within two tiles distance. and changing the colour of text speach does not help with /emote problem
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