animal summoning talisman problem!

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 Talisman that summon monsters and animals aren't working correctly. You never were able to issue them commands but they would guard you, meaning if you were attacked they would defend you. Currently animals and monsters you summon with a talisman just follow you and do nothing even when you're attacked by monsters etc. Could you fix it so that summoned creatures from items actually guard you again along with just following you around? Thank you much! I play on siege and do not know if this problem is on other shards as well. 


  • OlRacOlRac Posts: 15
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    I just hit my Void and spawned a bullfrog. Every time I would do damage, it showed his(the bullfrog's) damage too. He followed me and guarded me just as you described. Are you out of town trying this? I disarmed just outside of my home and let a sewer rat and a headless whack on me.
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    Ya I think you have to be attacked first and then the summons will work as it should after that.

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    Yes, I've tried all that you suggest, I should point out I'm on Siege Perilous so this may just be an issue on my shard. On siege they will follow you and do nothing else, it just stands there as monsters attack me etc
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