Commodity deeds and new players on EJ accounts.

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A new player has bought a commodity deed of 10k empty scrolls, he puts in bank but cant use it. He ask in general chat if someone can help him.
He gives it to me to redeed it into 10k scrolls and give him. Its too heavy for him to carry ofcourse. He cant put directly in bank because only items from his backpack can be put in bank on EJ accounts.
He gives it back to me so I can split it enough for him to carry, I give him 300 scrolls another 300 scrolls, another, another...x20 or something. He says "stop bank cant hold anymore", I ask what?, turns out the stupid scrolls wont stack and he got 25piles of scrolls in his bank of 300each, rest of the 2-3k scrolls he ask me to redeed into deed again.

Silly stuff, really.
For EJ to work it has to be more smoothly than this.


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    Wow, just wow, what a pain that must be!  :/
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    When he dropped the 10k into the bank it wouldn't allow him to turn them back into scrolls from inside the bank ? You said "he gives it to me to redeed into 10k scrolls and give him "? I don't get it, did he put the 10k comm in the bank and then undeed them, but then couldn't take out a few at a time from the stack ?
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    EJ accounts cannot use commodity deeds.
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    EJ is not a free to play model. EJ is designed to allow people to sample the game - in trial size portions.

    People can play UO indefinitely with EJ as if it was F2P, but they have to accept that their play style will be a simple life of farming what they need when they need it, and then craft what they need when they need it. No massive back stock of supplies and items. It would be prudent of player vendors to keep this in mind, and start portioning their wares in undeeded, pack-friendly amounts.

    (Although it is worth mentioning that an EJ with correct account upgrade CAN set up a stall in NM with all the selling, buying, and storing that involves. They just need to make friends with people who can undeed a withdrawal, when they need it.)
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