does shield bash hit 100%? Is hci a factor?

The description reads: "When activated the shield user will execute a shield bash on successfully hitting or parrying their opponent causing physical damage and paralyzing their opponent, interrupts spells if players are not immune to paralyze, based on parry skill, best weapon skill, and mastery level. Damage is capped in pvp at 35."

So when I successfully hit my opponent (which is where hci definitely plays a role) or parry their hit, triggering a shield bash: does the shield bash (once triggered) circumvent the opponent's defense and dci and hit 100% of the time? Or is there an additional calculation for shield bash to hit the opponent that factors in their defense, dci and my offense and hci?


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    Shield bash hits the same as wrestling/weapon hit. So yes you require wrestling/weapon skill plus hci. 

    You have the same chance to hit/miss as a weapon hit.

    i have not observed shield bash proc with a successful parry but then it would be difficult to tell as you MUST be next to the player to shield bash them.

    There’s a duration the bash chance will last for, so with enough stamina you can actually have 2 swings with one bash.
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    ok, so basically it works similar to bushido's counter attack.

    thanks for the answer.
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