despise spawn not advancing

sooo I wanted to test the fix for the despise island lag during the later levels of the spawn. I made a char on TC, crafted armor and weapons, gained enough valor in ilsh to activate despise, walked to despise, activated the spawn and started to kill slimes and giant rats. after a while I noticed that the red candles were stuck at 5 red candles and not producing white candles anymore. I kept killing stuff - nothing.

could you please fix the despise spawn so we can test this?

also I noticed that a lot of spawn was continouosly spawning all the way to the south where the dungeon ends. while usually there used to be only some scattered spawn there it now was really dense. was that maybe an accidental change?


  • Max_BlackoakMax_Blackoak Posts: 485
    any update on this?
  • KyronixKyronix Posts: 756Dev
    We are currently investigating.  Thank you for the report!
  • Max_BlackoakMax_Blackoak Posts: 485
    despise spawn is still not working. it reverted to 4 candles and won't produce white candles no matter how much spawn you kill. I can't even push it anymore because it tells me the champ has already been challanged. this is probably because there is no server down on TC and thus the spawn never reverts but is essentially still the very same spawn I left there the other day.

    could you please manually re-set the spawn. like turn it off so I can re-activate it myself and see if that solves the problem?
  • Max_BlackoakMax_Blackoak Posts: 485
    ah I keep forgetting to  mention you... @Kyronix
  • Max_BlackoakMax_Blackoak Posts: 485
    it's working now
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