My UO updates

I was wondering how often My UO gets updated... I'm a returning player and I'm just wondering how long before my chars show as active on the search engine?



  • Dot_WarnerDot_Warner Posts: 142
    edited June 18
    MYUO hasn't been active since November 2017 due to it crashing Atlantic (or so the story goes).

    While the character/guild search page is still there, it's no longer linked from the landing page (Forum took its place).

    Unfortunately, I wouldn't expect this feature to return anytime soon as it was always having issues updating properly. 
  • jaytinjaytin Posts: 260
    It hasn't been updated since at least November, don't expect it to be fixed any time soon.  :/
  • SyncrosSyncros Posts: 114
    Would be nice if they got it working again.  Just have it do updates at server reset or such.
  • jaytinjaytin Posts: 260
    If Atlantic was the problem I don't see why they didn't just remove Atlantic from the search list.
  • JollyJadeJollyJade Posts: 163
    edited June 20
    Not that it worked properly before..

    It was always that someone had to make an post on Stratics and then they updated it once, only to leave it alone until the next guy made an post on Stratics.

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