Time to introduce the corrupted dungeon officer

An NPC in brit you can pay money to and he will tell you the status of a champ spawn.
This NPC could be used 24/7 365, anytime, any shard at the wish of players, say the price is 50k.

That would be like 50k pr spawn and with over 20 spawns out there if you want to check all it would be over 1m.
The information received is relevant right there and then, but 1h later the info is totally outdated (since people do spawn so fast) and a player would have to pay again to receive new information.

The information given from NPC should be:
  1.  The level of the spawn
  2.  The spawntype
  3. The amount of players  - erase this as the information would make it too easy for raiders.

This would serve several purposes:
  1.  More interaction between players
  2.  Gold drain, it would take a big chunk of gold from game if implemented on all shards.
  3.  Venturing into felucca and do a quick champ spawn in 20mins would now be a more risky business. Risk versus reward.
  4.  Yes this also makes scouting easier, but thats also a goal. Today it takes like 30min to cover all spawns, thats alot of boring running with no action, remember afterall its a MMO, the interaction between players is important, not single player game. Running around 30 mins for every 1 hour isnt fair to the players, we pay for fun not endless landmass.
  5.  The fact that some people do spawns on dead shards at odd times with no risk involved would make it a more risky business now that players can log in pay NPC for information and log out again if no active spawns.
  6. A bonus to the PK system, again playing PK in this game is alot of running around looking for people. Also the VVV system isnt top notch so that leaves us with the PK system. this improves it further.

Suggestion to NPC name: The corrupted dungeon officer.

Thank you, together we make the game greater!


  • DizzyDizzy Posts: 77
    Hell no.
  • FatFat Posts: 97
    edited June 2018
    You would be surprised how fast I can chrck spawns.

    We surprise people all the time.
  • PinkertonPinkerton Posts: 105
    edited June 2018
    Dang, getting lazier and lazier all the time.

    Should just make an NPC you can pay 1m to go and crash someone else's champ spawn.

    In fact, just pay me 1m every 30 mins and I will scout every spawn for you.
  • BilboBilbo Posts: 2,653
    LMAO  When will it ever end.  Next we will get a request to have an Auto Play button for UO.
  • DukarloDukarlo Posts: 45
    Bilbo said:
    LMAO  When will it ever end.  Next we will get a request to have an Auto Play button for UO.
    Some players do
  • BilboBilbo Posts: 2,653
    Damn we really need a like button @Dot_Warner
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