Command undead

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Is it please possible to correct some bugs making this theorically useful mastery pratically useless? 

1. Commanded pets attacking the owner / guild mates
It looks like when I heal some pets (happens a lot with ancient liches) and they remain my last target they attack me. They wont cast or hit, but my character will try to hit them. It also looks like area spells and attack closest macro targets the commanded pets for guild mates. These two bugs make the commanded pets very tiresome to use. 

2. Commanded pets disapear when teleporting 
It seems like in some cases, the pets disapear when taking a gate because they somehow miss it, making you too far from your pet so it instantly poofs (why is this even a thing?). 

Some suggestions : 
Command undead is an interesting spell opening the possibility of a necro mage to be relevant again in the tamer's pvm world. However, I wish it was a bit easier to use and I don't mean "taming" the pets, but the way the mechanics work. Having to gate pets around is a big pain in the ass. I wish the pets would be automatically bonded so we could recall with them. Hell, even allowing us to res them with a necro spell of choice or the spellweaving gift of life. Also, it is currently useless to have 120 necromancy. Most high end spells don't require the skill cap of 120 and you can easily command the thoughest undeads with 100 skills, albeit needing a second or third try. Now I don't mean to make them harder to get as they're not all that great to begin with, but maybe the suggestions above could be a bonus from having 120 necro? I don't know... worth the thought I think. Or add / allow new monsters to command to make 120 attracting. 

Thanks! and I hope to see improvements on those small bugs. Necromancy is an interesting skill that needs some love when compared to most mage skills. It's a pity it is only used to vamp embrace nowaday... 


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    I submitted a similar bug report via email back in October about the disappearing pets when using Command Undead. 

    Not only can they easily disappear when gating, but if you happen to crash or disconnect there is no grace period either, bye bye pets. Makes it very frustrating to say the least.

    My proposed fix was to add a 5 minute grace period before necro mastery pets would disappear. This would give you time to recover from a disconnect/crash, or go back through your gate and find your pet.

    Another suggestion I made in my original email was to make necro mastery pets bonded at 120 true value necromancy, adding value to a full build necromancer (since other masteries have large benefits from being 120 true skill). This wouldn't be a "true" bond (no resing, no stabling), but it would allow some extra benefits, such as logging out with your pets, and allow you to recall with your pets.
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    Yes the bonding would make the mastery at least usable! And I agree... 120 necro right now is useless, as much for the mastery as it is for the spells themselves.
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    "just another hardship for Red players, in order to move Ancient liches from A to B, you can't gate into khaldun fel, so you need to cross 2 server lines before you can even get to a location that you can even gate from..
    Good luck
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    Why has this 2018 thread been 'necroed'?
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    "Because i wanted to use these Ancient Liches on a red for the wildfire event of course, i hoped the bug would've been fixed by now but it is still active, still affecting game play, have 0 chance of getting both liches off of 2 servers, gating to fire, then into another server (fire dungeon) without them disappearing. 

    But i saw a blue in trammel with them, as they could gate direct from A to B bypassing the bug. 

    Or there is a stature of limitations where a bug becomes a feature if it is unactioned? if so please advise of the length of time"
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