Regain the ability to dye clothing items in leather tub colours?

I remember that around the time I had stopped really playing years ago, "bugged" leather dye tubs were (unintentionally?) "fixed". Previously, certain (a fair number) of leather dye tubs were able to dye clothing in the same colours that they could dye leather (albeit being unable to dye leather, hence being bugged). I would suggest that, due to the large amount of leather dye tubs already in existence in-game already, these were not really a big issue. Added to this, the hues were very non-offensive and I imagine could have been left without issue.

Anyhow; despite new weird dye tub hues and "natural" dyes seen all over the place (not to mention the more dazzling neon hues out there from event items or other dye sources), I would have hoped to have seen this ability regained in at least some form, somewhere in-game; especially since we already have these colours in the runebook dye tubs and statuette dye tubs as well as the leather dye tubs.

I think it would be be ace to regain the ability to contribute positively to the aesthetic of a medieval fantasy world, since these colours complement armour made in respective metal colours and it would likely be plus points for those in RP communities too!

Thoughts? Or perhaps someone can squish all of the above be enlightening me as to a new way to get the same hues back!


  • MelchiahMelchiah Posts: 42
    I’d be happy with that - it’s a right pain in the backside to find the true metal shades to match the reward cloths!
  • TrevelyanTrevelyan Posts: 21
    Oh, is that Mr Agapite I see? :) 
  • PawainPawain Posts: 5,271
    I recall @Mervyn bringing this up at a meet and greet.   :o
  • MelchiahMelchiah Posts: 42
    Indeed! My agapite clothing is rather worn these days and I’ve love some new threads. 
    +1 on the metal cloth and leather dye tub to have actual metal colours as well as the fairly garish highlights!
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