Please let us convert Shard bound to Account bound.

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One of the basic principles of MMOs is playing with the people you want to. The shard bound gear is needlessly getting in the way of being able to move around and enjoy playing. Having to spend literal weeks trying to find someone to sell decently common pieces on Atlantic just isn't good modern design.

Allowing us to permanently convert Shard Bound gear to Account Bound invalidates the commonly used argument that peripheral shards are flooded with bots farming event drops, there's no profit to be made if you can't sell the items. Plus, as this event shows, farming drops on peripheral shards is very lucrative not because they can be transferred off, but because limited populations mean fewer drops being farmed by your average player.

Please, the game has gotten rid of plenty of needless and synthetic roadblocks to over the years. It's time to provide a workable solution to this one.


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    Outstanding idea  DEVs please think about this @Kyronix @Bleak @Community Manager and pass to the Dark Lady
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    I've suggested this numerous times 
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    I have 2 sampires and an archer in very high end suits that include several shard bound items, but I'd disagree with this. All this does is allow the people/guilds that are all decked out in almost max stats to easily hop around to any shard they want and poach what they want to poach without much interruption. This would allow a C list guild to all hop to a different shard to try to control champ spawns etc because they can all transfer their chars over with their shard bound suits.

    If someone really wants to hop around to various shards with regularity then they can participate in that shard's event with the "locals" and leave the item there if they decide to hop to another shard. If you want to farm a low pop shard to transfer the goods back home then put in the work to get the drops needed on the low pop shard instead of asking for an easy button.
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    I don’t see anything wrong with it free open market. It would help stabilize prices 
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