Siege Perilous - Events for May 2024

EM KincaidEM Kincaid Posts: 189Event Moderator
All events start at 5pm EST.
Gates to the starting point will be available at all major banks, teleport hubs, and player-run town monuments, as well as a couple of other places.

This IS Siege Perilous. Everyone is welcome at all events - so, unless you are unbeaten in combat and intend to stay that way, don't bring anything you can't replace.
Combat is common at events - the only locations we request that fighting does not take place are inside the EM Hall and inside the Council Chambers, as both of those are where information about the event needs to be delivered. You have the rest of the map to demonstrate your amazing murder skills.

EM Event-related announcements will only ever be made in General Chat - normally by Harold The Herald. Any other announcements, especially in other chat channels, will be from players, and ambushes have been known to happen. It IS Siege.

Thank you.

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