The game is actually unplayable.

I picked a nice dark blue for my new gargoyle's robe. The one he got was a lavender color in backpack and a healer-brown (probably from picking healing) on his paperdoll.

Now I don't even have a nice blue robe and I have to delete the character. Seriously can't even play the game. Well done @Kyronix

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I will be slow to reply because I cannot log in/stay logged in to the forums.
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  • NikonUSNikonUS Posts: 15
    @username seriously man...
    Why don't you quit for good??
    Tired of checking forum everyday and all I see is you talking bs, cursing at devs, complaining all the time about everything and everyone. Why don't you just leave? We really don't need people with this type of negativity around us.
    Someone  need to say something to you and make you realize that your type is the problem of UO.
  • MariahMariah Posts: 3,021Moderator
    Since it's perfectly possible to buy a dye tub and dyes from the tailor shop and dye the robe a nice blue, I can only conclude that this thread is merely a troll and therefore not needed on the forum.
    But just in case you need help picking the right hue for the robe, try this wiki page:

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