Lost soulstones in IDOC - Please help to retrieve them

MyrdinMyrdin Posts: 5
Hello! I just returned and I came to find my house had IDOC'd and I have lost more then 15 soulstones filled with skills. This happened about a year ago.

Considering they are rendered useless to anyone except for myself I'm trying to do a longshot to see if someone has acquired them.

The soulstones has skills connected to the following characters:
Last Emperor
A Slave

Please write here, ICQ me or send me an email to hassud112@hotmail.com if you might have any.

There is of course also a Finder's Fee for whoever have those!

Thanks in advance


  • JeebsJeebs Posts: 2
    Hi Myrdin, we just talked about this the other night at King Blackthorns castle.  There are some people that have got together and made a soul stone yard by the castle somewhere for soul stones that have been lost in IDOCs and such.  I'm not sure when the soul stone yard is supposed to be finished but they are supposed to be placed behind the garden.  Good luck to you!
  • MyrdinMyrdin Posts: 5
    Hey Jeebs and thanks a lot for this advice. Where is this garden supposedly going to be? Thanks for answer.
  • there is a soulstone garden next to the EM hall in Malas 

  • FFolksFFolks Posts: 1
    Same happened to me due to account issue on Catts.  Mythic fixed the account issue but all was lost and no recovery possible.

  • ZyloZylo Posts: 15
    there is a soulstone garden next to the EM hall in Malas.
    Where is the "EM Hall" in Malas? Even Googling it brings up nothing.
  • AndrastaAndrasta Posts: 17
    Go to Blackthorn's Castle in Britain. To the left of the bridge before you go over is a building that the EM uses. Right beside that to the left is a teleporter that will take you to the Malas EM House. The Soulstone Garden surrounds the house. There are hundreds. Contact EM Roenick if you find your stone.
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