Same name character on an account - practical macro solution?

There was a time that you used to be able to add a space in your account name at login, which would create a new folder for your macros, essentially. The space seemed to be ignored by the UO servers but the client would still see it as a separate account.

This meant I could have two characters with the same name but different macros. Perfect! However, you can no longer log in with an account name that has a space (or rather, it appears it is regarded as being different to your actual account name, without a space). 

I'm curious if anyone else has seen the same thing and found a way around it. One complex thought was to make two shortcuts to start UO; one for each character, that essentially swaps the macro data over depending on which one you want to log in as. Its a bit convoluted, however - so if anyone knows of another way (and if the space-in-account-name can be done in another way), do share!

(I hope it goes without saying that I'm only interested in solutions that don't involve using some kind of altered clients or other dodge tools!)


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