Minoc's Spring Hunt

A Note from the Glorious Right Honorable Governor of Minoc, Moon's Orbit:

The Glorious Right Honorable Governor of Minoc, Moon’s Orbit, announces an event for the Easter weekend to begin at 12:01am, Friday, March 29th.


Please proceed to the Crossroads Keep (a MILF-friendly property) located at 57N 92E (next to the teleporter to Buc’s Den) and speak the secret phrase to Irene. The phrase is … Minoc Rocks!


This event requires you to fill a runebook with locations described by the clues. There are FOUR locations on each of the following facets: Felucca, Trammel, Ter Mer & Tokuno Islands.


The winners will be determined by accuracy and timeliness. The Glorious Right Honorable Governor of Minoc will make the final decision on whether a rune location is valid or not.


You’ll have until server down on Monday, April 1st (no joke … ) to return your runebook to the squirrel mailbox located at Crossroads Keep.



1st Place-$10m gp

2nd Place-$7m gp

3rd Place-$5m gp

Maith Ceol, Chesapeake
Governor of Moonglow

Discord: txeggplant
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